AUSLAN Manual Alphabet Colouring Book

26×2 Intricate Coloring Pages with the Australian Sign Language Alphabet

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Focus, relax, and be creative with the Australian Sign Language alphabet and this inspirational coloring book full of intricate designs.


This title belongs to a brand-new and unique series of beautifully illustrated sign language coloring books for grown-ups for many hours of meditation, creativity, and stress relief.


  • 26×2 coloring pages with the AUSLAN manual alphabet.
  • Featuring a huge variety of professionally illustrated intricate designs.
  • Two copies of each design for your convenience and additional color experiments.
  • Single-sided designs and blank reverse pages to prevent bleed-through.
  • A coloring test page for your favorite pens.
  • Australian Sign Language alphabet reference chart included (approved by AUSLAN Sign Language experts).
  • Link to an additional set of free AUSLAN alphabet charts optimized for desktop printer – including free distribution license!au

Most of the designs in this book are rather intricate. 


If this worries you, we have prepared free coloring sample pages (from the book) for your convenience.

Simply click through a slideshow showing the whole book (below), download the three sample pages, print them out on US letter sized paper, and check if you like the style and level of detail before spending any money on the book.


Looking for a different sign language alphabet coloring book?


We have variations of this coloring book with the following alphabets available:

  • Irish Sign Language alphabet (ISL / 26 letters)
  • Filipino Sign Language alphabet (FSL / 26 letters)
  • Danish Sign Language alphabet (DSL / 29 letters)
  • New Zealand Sign Language alphabet (NZSL / 26 letters)
  • Australian Sign Language alphabet (AUSLAN / 26 letters)
  • Deutsches Fingeralphabet (DGS / 31 letters)
  • Österreichisches Fingeralphabet (ÖGS / 30 letters)
  • Deutsches Fingeralphabet der Schweiz (DSGS / 31 letters)



All manual alphabets were approved by sign language experts. 
All manual alphabets are different – some more than others.
The alphabets are not interchangeable! 



In preparation:

    • British Sign Language alphabet (BSL /26 letters)
    • Brazilian Sign Language alphabet (Libras)
    • Mexican Sign Language alphabet

and more …


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Thank you so very much! We hope that you will enjoy this book.


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Attention: in the real book, each design is contained twice – for your convenience and color experiments.
We are skipping the double pages in this preview. 

Book Data

Book Title


Book Subtitle

26 x 2 Intricate Colouring Pages with the AUSLAN Sign Language Alphabet

Book Series

Sign Language Alphabet Coloring Books

Current Book Version

Version 01

Author / Illustrator

Cover Design, Illustrations & typeface by Lassal

Publishing Date




Available Formats / ISBN

Paperback (Large Print)
Product dimensions: 8.5 x 0.2 x 8.5 inches
Number of Pages: 112

ISBN 13: 978-3864690433
ISBN 10: 3864690439

Genre / Categories

Sign Language
Mandalas & Patterns Coloring Books for Grown-Ups
Alphabet Reference
Art Therapy & Relaxation

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Building bridges into the worlds of sign language.

Project FingerAlphabet was nominated for the German Price for Civic Engagement.
Created & illustrated by Lassal.


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